The mother of all unit testing frameworks


The SUnit crew


SUnit was originally created by Kent Beck. The cross-dialect Camp Smalltalk version was created by Joseph Pelrine, Sames Schuster and Jeff Odell. SUnit is currently maintained by

To handle dialect-specific issues, and for sanity checking, other Smalltalk experts are frequently called on for their advice, including


There are a number of people who help us with dialect-specific implementation issues, ports, testing, or with packaging and delivery tasks for the various dialects. We're very thankful for their help. Without it, SUnit wouldn't be the same in all dialects. (Probably wouldn't even be available in all dialects!)

Also, special thanks to Stephane Ducasse for just generally getting on people to get things done.

Anyone can contribute to the SUnit project. It's pretty tough, though - additions and changes must be applicable and implementable in ALL Smalltalk dialects. For this reason, we suggest that you first make an enhancement request if there's something you'd like to see added to SUnit. Logo