The mother of all unit testing frameworks



Use the source

One thing missing from SUnit has always been documentation. Of course, for a framework that started out as 4 classes and 10 methods, there wasn't a lot to document.

If you need help learning SUnit, we recommend that you first read Stephane Ducasse's short SUnit tutorial to get started. Kent Beck's original SUnit paper will explain more about the original design ideas. Then, surf through Ward Cunningham's wiki for more tips and ideas. Post questions to the newsgroups, write email to the SUnit maintainers, and you'll find that people are quite helpful in getting you up to speed.


Workshop papers available

Joseph Pelrine has made a number of SUnit-related workshop papers and tutorial materials available for download. These papers describe the design and implementation decisions made in the latest additions to SUnit.

Andy Bower and Blair McGlashan presented a paper at the OOPSLA 2002 Workshop on Unit Testing about extending SUnit to test event registration and triggering.

Other papers will be added here as we find out about them. Logo